Celebrity Connected 2018 Academy Awards Luxury Gifting Suite – The Pampering Party to Kickoff the Oscars

Athena Bass and Tobi Tyler-Kottak with Safesha
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The Celebrity Connected 2018 Academy Awards Luxury Gifting Suite was held at the Taglyan Complex in downtown Los Angeles on March 2nd and as they usual do, they created the most festive setting of Oscar week. Celebrities galore, a rocking atmosphere and gifts and treats at every turn made this an event not to be missed.

The Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite was filled with celebrities all day long including; David Alan Grier, Kellan Lutz, Kevin Pollak, Miss J Alexander, Ryan Cabrera, Shannon Elizabeth, Shar Jackson and many, many more.

Shaka Life

Shaka Life was gifting their ocean inspired clothing line to guests. Shaka Life founder Elizabeth Perez combined inspiration from the ocean and the popular Hawaiian phrase “shaka” to bring Shaka vibe to life with an authentic line of wave-infused, active clothing and lifestyle gear. Drawing from Elizabeth’s deep connection with the water, Shaka Life transforms island motifs into wearable art. For more information, visit: Shaka Life

Patchi was sampling and gifting their high-end chocolate from Lebanon. Patchi has taken luxury chocolate gifting to a whole new level with amazing packaging that creates the ultimate in gifting for any occassion. You can choose from any beautiful gift set or create your own box with any of the tasty flavors such as; perfetto, a smooth milk chocolate with hazelnut, raisins and orange pieces. For more information, visit: Patchi


Hylunia was gifting an assortment of skin care products as well as a four hour wellness consultation at their offices in Costa Mesa. For more information, visit: Hylunia

North Coast Organic

North Coast Organics was sampling and gifting an assortment of products from their organic line including; apple cider vinegar, apple juice and apple sauces. For more information, visit: North Coast Organic

S&J Natural Products was gifting their CBD infused products as well as a book on nutrition from co-founder Sarah Holvik. For more information, visit: S&J


Celsius was gifting an assortment of their great tasting fitness drinks. CELSIUS’ proprietary formula has proven to have benefits of burning body fat as well as the ability to burn a minimum of 100 calories per can. For more information, visit: Celsius

Monkey Cookies

Monkey Cookies was gifting their cookie brand that began in 2012 and focuses on unique flavors like monkey n-brown, monkey mallow and monkey n-bites. Great flavors and very cool packaging make these the perfect gift for any occasion. For more information, visit: Monkey Cookies

Gems for Gems is a Calgary based non-profit whose mission is to ‘Empower Women to Empower Themselves’. Through the collaborative efforts of corporations and community, this heart centered organization works with shelters to change the lives and futures of women who have experienced abuse. It is our belief that within each woman exists a hero, ready to save the day. We teach, inspire and motivate, through our three initiatives, to bring out that hero in each woman we work with. For more information, visit: Gems for Gems

Planet Protein

Planet Protein, Inc. was gifting their plant-based nutrition bars that include; cherry almond fudge and peanut butter cup. For more information, visit: Planet Protein


Bonjo Coffee

BonJo Coffee was sampling their cold brew coffee and gifting their roasted coffee. The coffee business has been in the Bonaiuto family for 30 years. For more information, visit: BonJo Coffee

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase

Athena Bass and Tobi Tyler-Kottak with Safesha

Safesha was gifting their unique combination of a hand sanitizer and moisturizer, keeping your hands clean and soft. For more information, visit: Safesha

Copper + Crane

Copper+Crane gifted their skin care products that are meant to deliver luxury, indulgence, and share in your passion for skin health. For more information, visit: Copper + Crane

CurlyTop Baker was sampling what are truly some of the best cookies you will ever try in your life. CurlyTop is a Las Vegas-based cookie baker who gives back by donating 20% of sales to help the homeless. For more information, visit: CurlyTop

The Dolly Llama – Waffle Master

For more information, visit: Dolly Llama

Indie Boho

Indie Boho was gifting their stylish designer pet beds. For more information, visit: Indie Boho


Nonda was introducing, Zus, their adapter for older cars that allow them to have the technology that new cars offer. You simply plug in the Zus adapter and it will charge your phone and monitor your car. For more information, visit: Zus

Nomad Spirit Art


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