Verve Coffee Roastery Del Sur – So Much More Than Your Typical Cup of Coffee

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Verve Coffee opened their Roastery Del Sur on Friday August 23rd and the 7,000 square foot roastery, restaurant and café space takes your coffee experience, well beyond coffee. There are plenty of places to get coffee, but Verve Coffee took the coffeehouse concept and caffeinated it.

Verve coffee drink: photo credit to Effie Benjamin

Verve has a long list of by the cup coffee and you can get plenty of truly fresh coffee as they roast coffee right in Los Angeles as well as getting a variety of coffee that is roasted in Santa Cruz. What really makes Verve unique is the other ways that they incorporate coffee into drinks. The craft coffee bar is not only home to creative coffee drinks, but they are a joy to watch as they are created and simply beautiful to look at. The “old fashioned” is the Verve version of the classic cocktail, but without the liquor. The appearance is very much like the cocktail, down to the penny pound ice and the flavor is as powerful as the cocktail. You get a wealth of flavor from the Verve flash brew concentrate that is paired with bitters, coconut sugar and stirred along with the orange peel to finish the experience. Verve serves coffee in so many ways that you don’t even have to enjoy coffee to love their drinks. You are going to find such wonderful flavors as the Honey Lavendar Draft Latte, Rosemary Grapefruit or the truly uniqe Café de Olla, which combines the flavors of orange, cinnamon and honey. In addition to coffee, one of the must try drinks on the menu is the amazingly healthy and tasty Avocado + Matcha Smoothie. The smoothie is vegan and gluten free and has brings together spinach, pineapple, banana and chia to creating a really well balanced and slightly sweet smoothie.

Coffee Cocktails: photo credit to Effie Benjamin

Verve takes your experience well beyond coffee as executive chef Mario Tolentino created a truly unique menu. The B.L.A.T. Sandwich is a great twist on the classic pastrami sandwich and Chef Mario gives it a veggie twist by turning it into a “beetstrami”. Beets are the focal point and it is finished with little gem lettuce, avocado, heirloom tomato and aioli. A wondefully filling, yet light and refreshing sandwich that is a perfect summertime sandwich. Staying on the lighter side of things, the Heirloom Tomato Salad is loaded with beautiful and seasonal tomatoes and is really brought to life with a chili pepper vinaigrette and halumi cheese. If you are looking for something a little more rich, the Porchetta + Truffle Cheese Sandwich provides you with plenty of rich flavors.

Verve pastries: credit to Josh Telles

If Verve is your first stop of the day, you can’t go wrong adding something to eat with your fresh cup of coffee. The plethora of pastries is almost overwhelming and it isn’t a stretch to say you can’t go wrong with anything off of the menu. Verve has a great take on pancakes with their Banana Sesame Pancake that is topped with mascarpone, poached berries and finished off with black sesame syrup. If you want something classic and familiar, the Verve Breakfast Sandwich is that. It comes with organic farm eggs, Verve bacon, hash browns, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato and aioli. This is the classic breakfast sandwich but clearly elevated with incredible ingredients and flavor.

Verve exterior

If you are looking for more than a cup of coffee with your coffeehouse experience, Verve Coffee offers you just that. You can start with a breathtaking two-floor masterpiece and then move outside to enjoy the perfect Southern California weather. Verve gives all that to you, along with a perfect cup of coffee and a menu that is unlike any other coffee spot in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit: Verve Coffee


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