North Coast Music Fest Review – What a Way to End the Summer

With Labor Day behind us, that means Summertime in Chicago is over.  Which also means that Festival Season is pretty much over as well. That is why North Coast Music Fest exists: to send summer out with a giant party! This year was North Coast’s 10 year anniversary and it showed no signs of slowing down.

The fest trimmed down to two days and moved to Huntington Bank Pavilion, located on Northerly Island.  The set-up couldn’t have been better.   Huntington Bank Pavilion is a massive outdoor amphitheater located on the lake with a perfect view of the skyline.  

Sunset on Northerly Island was like a postcard

When the sunset on Friday night, the view was like a postcard.  Especially with some of the art installations that North Coast brought in.

The Hanger was wall to wall people all weekend long

But of course, this is a party and a party has music.  North Coast did not skimp on the talent.  There were four places to hear music and dance:  the main pavilion stage, the silent disco, the Good Bus and a football field sized tent called The Hanger.  The party seemed to be focused in the Hanger that was wall to wall people all weekend long.   With acts like Trampa and Jauz, you can understand why The Hanger was the place to be.

The Good Bus

The Good Bus was literally a bus with a DJ booth on top.  It was located in the crossroads between The Hanger and the Pavilion.   With DJs playing music all day & night in the middle of the field, it was easy to forget where you were going and just start jamming in the middle of Northerly Island.  

The Pavilion is where the headliners performed

But, of course, the Pavilion is where the headliners performed.  Bassnectar and Major Lazer blew out Northerly Island with their epic end-of-day sets.  Other memorable sets were from Gorgon City (live)Jai Wolf, and Snakehips.  Along with head-banging music, there were the EDM standards:  lasers, smoke, ten foot flames and, for Major Lazer, a huge floating head.  The stage shows are just as epic as the music.

Other Epic things about the weekend:

Don’t forget to take a selfie in front of the art installations

The Art Installations: North Coast attendees could admire, appreciate, contemplate all the art, but most importantly take selfies with it.

Fashion is becoming a highlight of NCMF

The Fashion:  The fashion is becoming a highlight at North Coast Music fest.  People go all out, with different wardrobes for each day.  The skimpier the better.  We saw it all: neon, leopard print, fishnets, costumes, hippie chic, cowboy hats, some devilishly fun demon horns and lots and lots of glitter.  

NCMF is all about the Vibe

But most importantly is the Vibe.  North Coast Music Fest is a lot of things.  It’s a place to hear great music performed by top-notch talent.  It’s a place to admire great artwork.  It’s an excuse get dressed up and dance all day. However, the thing that North Coast Music Fest is most known for is the vibe.  It’s just a great place to spend a weekend with your friends having the time of your life.

Photos by K. Joseph Fotos. Two Full Galleries Here and Also Here.

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