Collisions – A Movie About Courage And Despair

Collisons - Movie by Richard Levien
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Collisons – Yonna – Ana de la Reguera photo by Frazer Bradsha

There is a Mexican proverb – Some are born lucky and some are born into collision.  That is certainly true about this absorbing, heart wrenching, and multi-award winning film, Collisions, written and directed in his feature debut by Richard Levien.  

The children are at a loss.  Itan, a star A+ student at a science school, gives up her classwork as they must convince Child Protective services to bring them to their estranged uncle Evencio (Jesse Garcia) – a unreliable arrogant drunken truck driver who has not seen his sister in six years. They must twist his reluctance and get his help to search for their mom.  They think they find her in Arizona. Will he take them there and at what cost?

Evencio -Jesse Garcia – and Neto – Jason Garcia,Jr – in Collisons – photo by Frazer Bradsha

Yoanna is frustrated as she tries to contact them but is thwarted by the rules and regulations and lack of funds while the children must grow beyond their years as they push beyond obstacles and labyrinth of the immigration detention system as they embark on the journey to free and find their mother. 

The children exhibit courage and bravery as well as fear while Evencio begins to evolve into a more caring man as he realizes what these children mean to him but can he come through and help reunite the family?

Collisons – Itan – Izabella Alvarez – photo by Frazer Bradsha

Once they discover the location of their mother it changes even as they near the location.  Finally, they reach her welcoming arms and make decisions about their future. 

Well-acted and produced, the film will make you think. Some proceeds from the film go to Delores Street Community Services to help pay for bonds and assist with family expenses for those who are detained and to help reunite bay area immigrant families.  (Extra donations are welcome.)

Collisions is a film worth seeing.

Go see it when it opens at Laemmle Music Hall in Los Angeles on October 4, 2019. Or if you can’t wait, go to Ahrya Fine Arts by Laemmle on October 3 at 7:30p where the director and cast will be present.  Other cities will follow. 

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