Covid 19 – A Personal View

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Per Yahoo as of April 15th 2020 there are in the United States of America 609,696 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the USA. Also as of April 15th 2020 26,059 there have been 26,059 deaths in the United States of America from the Corona virus. Yahoo offers one other statistic I find interesting. According to Yahoo 49,966 people in America have recovered from the Corona Virus as of April 15th 2020. That would suggest that as of now 559,529 people in America remain under treatment o=for Covid 19 infection. All this said there have also been some chatter lately suggesting that thousands of Americans have had the Corona Virus but were and remain asymptomatic. So now what? 

Covid 19

Recently California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has suggested a proposed plan for gradually reopening the doors of human activity in the State of California,. Among many hints and suggestions but nothing absolute, he has suggested Californians may, in a few more weeks, be able to once again dine out but under much different circumstances than what were the norm prior to March of this year. There would be fewer tables and waiters might well be wearing face masks and gloves among other differences. But at least, Gavin suggests, Californians would slowly be able to return to some semblance of normal life. Other states across America are likely to take a similar cautious and measured return to normality. 

Covid19 Warrior

On its face that seems quite rational and reasonable. But the underlying problem as I see it is and remains the near total destruction of the American and for that matter most of the world’s economy but severely extreme and often irrational actions taken by governments around the world. Please allow me to put this into some perspective. 


According to studies by CPS1 the mean number of deaths attributable to the obesity is 374,239 annually. NHS studies suggested a somewhat high number of 418,154 obesity related deaths each year. So true the period of time for which the Covid 19 deaths have been calculated is about two months. Therefore it would be reasonable to suggest that the current number of 26,059 Covid 19 related deaths should be multiplied by 6 to find an annual death rate of about 156,354. But it should also be pointed out that pretty much all of the United States has “flattened the curve” suggesting that Covid 19 deaths shall continue to come down from their present level. But even if the estimated 156. 354 Covid 19 related deaths is correct that is still less than HALF of the annual deaths caused by obesity. So given that wouldn’t it be rational to suggest that perhaps as a nation we should focus far more attention to reducing obesity in America? But that is not happening and most likely never will happen, 


With Covid 19 it is some invisible something outside of us that is invading our bodies and reaping havoc. It is not our fault, we are simply the innocent victims of an invisible enemy. But with obesity it is one hundred percent us. We are the ones who choose to eat half a large pizza for lunch, wash it down with a beer or two and then treat ourselves to a quart of ice cream for dessert. It is entirely us who drive two blocks to the grocery store rather than walk to and from so as to get just a wee bit of exercise. And let us never forget the blow back we will receive from the political correctness police if we were to even suggest to a friend or family member that just maybe they were a wee too chubby. And so it is that while obesity is more than twice as life threatening than the Corona Virus it is and shall remain largely ignored. Meanwhile overwhelming fear and panic are caused and amplified by intense media coverage and wild over reactions by politicians of both major political parties. That is fine, just never body shame anyone lest you be slammed hard by the P C Police. Which brings me to one final observation that deserves serious consideration. 

Fat Ron

For many years I was severely obese, so much so that on December 18th of 2012 I dropped dead in my home weighing at the time 315 pounds. Due entirely to pure and amazing good luck I managed to dial 9 1 1 as a fell face down to the floor. I was totally unconscious when the paramedics arrived, got me restarted albeit still unconscious and took me to the local hospital where I spent 26 days most of them in a coma. As I begin my long road to recovery now fully aware of a severe need to shed a lot of weight I remember discovering something very interesting about my life up until that fateful day. I had on many occasions gone to see the doctor. Typical concerns were a severe cold or the flu or for several years an annual flight physical. Not once did any medical doctor even mention obesity to me even though I had for a very long time been very obese. Do think about that. You also may want to get the complete picture which you can find in one of my books entitled “Live, Die, Live Again.” You can get it here.

Photos: Courtesy of Ron Irwin


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