Escape From Covid-19

Ron being silly and happy in Mexico. Credit: Nenita Irwin
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I don’t know about you but I have had enough of Covid and I haven’t even tested positive.  The every day screaming headlines in the main stream media:  “Death Count Spiking, More Shut Downs Ordered, Mask Mandates” and on and on its goes.  The simple truth is while the Corona Virus is nothing to ignore the widespread wild over reaction is doing far more harm your mental and emotional health than the virus will ever do to the vast majority of the world population.  So what can we do about that?

The other day I was reading a book written in 2014.  As I read the book it gradually but powerfully occurred to me that what it has to say is invaluable to pretty much everyone today.  You see much of the book deals with effective ways of combating severe tragedies and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.  Here is a brief overview.  

1: Ron being radiated and making fun of it. Credit Nenita Irwin

A young man comes from a far less than perfect background.  For example at age 11 he leaves home to escape the horrors mainly of his new step dad who he deplores.  A mere six years later he joins the Marine Corps and that turns out to be one of his best life moves to date because it instills in him a quality long absent but absolutely essential  – discipline.  Armed with that new power he goes on to earn his bachelors degree, a Juris Doctor degree and then he passes the bar exam becoming a lawyer.  But there are still challenges ahead.  

His first marriage was a disaster from the get go but he got it right the second time around and everything thing seemed wonderful until…….  Until Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 when at about 5:30 p.m. he stood up from his desk and could no longer breath.  He was very quickly fading to black but managed to dial 9 1 1 before falling face first to the floor totally unconscious. Think of Covid-19 in the absolute extreme but in this case there  was no virus.  What there was was congestive heart failure. 

The doctors gave him close to zero chance of survival but largely inspired by the great love of his family after 26 days in the hospital he walked out totally focused on how to rebuild his life in a healthy way and it is that process that can be hugely beneficial to all of us today coping with Covid 19 be it directly or indirectly.  But before I gone on with that you need to also know this.

Ron in coma Credit Nenita Irwin

Just a few months after being discharged from the hospital he was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer requiring 42 radiation treatments.  First nearly a month in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure and then a brand new disgnosis of advanced stage cancer.  Think Covid 19 on steroids plus.  So what do you do?  Well what I did, because this is my story, is I focused on the positive.  I did extensive research on critical issues such as proper diet for losing weight and keeping it off because it all started when I weighed about 300 pounds or almost double my correct weight. But the two most important things I learned was the absolute need to always be totally honest with yourself and to develop and maintain a good sense of humor .  One tiny example is a photo I created with me being radiated and a small nuclear bomb blast rising from my groin.  Learn to laugh at the situation and it becomes far less painful emotionally as well as physically.  Now apply that to the current Covid situation.

Nenita Irwin being happy. Credit: Ron Irwin

There are actually many tools offered up in my book “Live, Die, Live Again”  that can help everyone achieve and maintain a sronger happy life even or perhaps especially in times like right now.  You can check it out and get your copy at Barnes and Noble 

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