Rooftops are the Rage – Aire takes it to a new level with an Amazing Art Mural

Dining and drinking in the clouds

While enjoying responsible socializing, dining, and sipping artisan cocktails in the clouds at Aire Rooftop on the 24th Floor which has just reopened on July 7th of the ideally located Hyatt Centric Hotel at 100 West Monroe you are treated to phenomenal views. There is Lake Michigan, our ocean of the Midwest, in the east. Plus both new and old, modern and classic architecture that rises up to meet you from the Loop to Michigan Avenue. There are gorgeous blue glass skyscapers reflecting the sun and the 1910 cherished classic Harris Trust and Savings building on Monroe with its iconic bas – relief Lions designed by Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge the architects for both the Chicago Cultural Center formerly the Chicago Public Library (1892) and the Art Institute of Chicago ( 1893).

Connor’s Mocktails/Lillis©

At the center of this rooftop oasis is a 3,800 square foot blacklight mural designed and created by Onur Din, a Swiss born international artist with Turkish heritage.The cloud and woman images in the mural, I was told transform at night, with the lighthouse appearing to send a beam of light out. The mural was produced by the curatorial team, Beauty & Brawn under Onur’s direction.

We stopped by on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. to enjoy dining and drinking in the clouds. They have a fine wine glass, bottles, and beer list. Instead we prompted our server, Conner, to create mocktails for us of his choosing. His creations were delightful to the eye and palate. One was a pineapple cranberry lime sensation and the other a refreshing virgin mojito with fresh mint. We also tried his suggestions of bites. The cheese & charcuterie board had prosciutto, five assorted Wisconsin cheeses, pecans, fig jam, and flat bread. It is enough to generously share with four people. All the cheeses and prosciutto were delectable. The bleu cheese was creamy and outstanding. We then ordered the savory delicious Clark Flatbread pizza with garlic oil, tomatoes, cheese, arugula, and a balsamic glaze. We also over indulged by ordering the three grass-fed beef sliders with horseradish aioli and bacon jam; so good. The portions were generous enough for us to take home food. Although we did not try it, we heard the chicken wings with garlic Parmesan or hot, celery, carrots, blue cheese were a diner favorite. The menu also features artichoke spinach dip with tortilla chips and pretzel bites with fried pickles and honey ale mustard. Javier, the cook’s menu is limited, but perfect for after work, a light meal, pre-dinner, or late night nosh.

Charcuterie & Cheese/Lillis©

We found the staff to be very gracious, personable, and helpful. Kyle, the Hyatt Centric, General Manager, has a marvelous, charming, personality and stellar hospitality experience. He graduated from the prestigious Purdue University Hospitality and Tourism Management program and worked for Vail Resorts and Starwood Properties before he came to Chicago. John, Food and Beverage Director, showed us around the mural and answered all of our questions about its creation. The servers were all hospitality veterans returning after the Covid 19 furloughs.

Sliders & Clark Flatbread/Lillis©

Aire Rooftop/Hyatt Centric 24th Floor

Al fresco dining is so limited in Chicago because of our weather, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this exceptional experience while we still have the opportunity. The weather was hot and sunny on the evening we visited but with the umbrella shade and breeze off the lake the rooftop was exceedingly comfortable. They also have free standing outdoor patio heaters and blankets for cooler evenings available. Aire does not currently take reservations, but they are open to private events.

Please call: 1 (312) 236 1234

Aire Rooftop/Hyatt Centric 24th Floor

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