For Your Valentines – or Friends – or Family – or You – Unique Gifts

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Yes, it is true. With all this at-home time, I’ve looked for interesting and unique diversions. And I’ve found some intriguing gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, keep-the-peace at home days, or self-giving.

Here are a few of my recent finds. Enjoy flowers that last, paint with water (that disappears), relax with herbal tea that is flavorful, and send your friends and family some cards that are punny and funny.

UNWILTED – Paper Floral Arrangements That Are Always In Bloom 

Do you love the sight of flowers in your home, but feel guilty as you watch them decompose and loose their beauty? Then check out Unwilted. Artists have designed and crafted realistic paper arrangements that give you the feel of the outdoors, but are constructed to last. Always fresh and always in season.

  • They go beyond the word “artificial” and into the realm of artwork. Each petal, leaf, and stem is cut from artisanal Italian crepe paper and assembled by hand, painted, shaped and constructed to achieve a realistic, yet artistic look and feel. Thus, no two petals are alike and no two arrangements are exact.

Unwilted’s maintenance & allergen-free bouquets come pre-arranged making it simple to send delightful, authentic original floral gifts. They don’t need watering, they don’t wilt, and they will always make you smile and brighten your day. I can personally attest to that.  Check them out at Unwilted.

Buddha Boards – Encouraging you to Value the Present

My worst subject in grammer school was art. So I would not have imagined I would ever enjoy anything “artistic”, but there I was – painting with water and loving it.

The literature says that the Buddha Board, “gently encourages the user to value the present.” It consists of a board and a brush. You wet the brush, put strokes on the board and watch it as the image darkens and then slowly fades away. And odds are that you are going to want it do it again…… and again….. and again.

I found this creative unique canvas intriguing. I sat in front of the screen watching my designs gently lessen til they were gone and found the experience surprisingly pleasing and relaxing.

These boards give anyone and everyone an opportunity for abstract artistic expression. But more then that. Open the box and see the words, “Enlighten Yourself”.The creators want you to appreciate the here and now – the moment.

The Boards are environmentally friendly – no ink, no paint, no chemicals and I am told that although your designs last less than a few minutes, the boards last for years. This is a great exercise in the art of letting go and enjoying the moment. Don’t we all need that right now.

The Buddha Boards come in three sizes. For more information, visit Buddha Boards.

Tea Runners – Quality Teas

Back to the issue of the need to relax. I’ve never been a coffee drinker never been that excited about tea – until now. Tea Runners delivers what they describe as “four top quality loose leaf teas” along with tasting notes and brewing instructions.

Well, I searched through my what-not drawer and found a tea strainer . Selected the tea I thought I might embrace, waited for it to arrive and Ahhh. It was worthy, not like anything I’ve had before. These teas make you want to sit and sip. Full bodied with rich flavor.

The selected teas come from award winning companies around the world. You subscribe and receive a shipment each month with four flavors of tea. The most popular box is the Tea Runners Original Box. It contains a variety of all tea types, including pure teas, blended/flavored teas, and herbal teas.  Great for discovering what best suits your palate. I love the Herbal box with all caffeine-free herbal teas! Rooibos blends, chamomiles, peppermints, honeybush, fruit & berry blends, and more.

I will continue to enjoy these teas and give them as gifts – gifts of enjoyment and relaxation. Subscribe, select what you want each month and wait for your delicious teas to be delivered. For more information, visit Tea Runners.

ACouplePuns – Unique Cards

We need to remember that being funny is good for the soul. A company called ACouplePuns takes it to a new level. Their cards are – yup, you guessed it – PUNNY. They strive to “deliver the punniest content and high-quality paper goodies for every special occasion and moment in-between! Just look —  they speak for themselves. They’ve got cards for all occasions, from birthday to baby to foodie and even a few for quarantine, as well as stickers.  Check them out at  ACouplePuns.

Photos by Dianne Davis or Burt Davis


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