Hearthstone Las Vegas – New Menu, Same Incredible Experience

There is a little bit of Las Vegas luck for anyone who knows Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, the only thing that ever changes is the menu. The luck is that while the rest of Vegas changes by the minute and your personal luck can come and go, but Hearthstone is always there with an enticing menu. The stunning and inviting restaurant has become the centerpiece of all of the incredible dining options at the Red Rock and to say you will have nothing but an wonderful experience is an understatement.

Pork Belly Bao Buns

Hearthstone is one of those rare spots that it doesn’t matter when you go. Whether it is brunch, dinner to enjoy a cocktail or watch a game or simply anytime of the day to hang out with friends, Hearthstone was made for that occasion. Walking in you can’t help but notice the beauty of the restaurant itself, but then the pizza oven that is front and center, they fresh fish and the bar that says come sit down and have an ice cold beer.

Baja Striped Bass (Photo Aida Gilman (Clique Hospitality)

Hearthstone Executive Chef Lee Davidson decided to really change things up with their menu and you are the beneficiary. Appetizers include: spicy curry hummus, Wagyu beef tataki, tuna pizza, spicy shrimp scampi skillet and a yellowfin tuna crudo. hearts of palm salad served in a jalapeno vinaigrette, and beet salad with marcona almonds and whipped goat cheese. The entrée items feature: crispy duck served with steamed pancakes and julienne sliced cucumber and scallions, spaghetti lobster homard with maple smoked bacon and brandy cream, hearth roasted Scottish salmon with steamed veggies and fresh lemon, baja striped sea bass with cherry tomatoes & fennel ragout and hearth roasted tomahawk pork chop with roasted apples and onions and bourbon au jus.

Wagyu Beef Tataki

Hearthstone won’t put something on the menu unless they know they are going to do it right and the new items are wide ranging, but they did get them right. The crispy duck encompasses the quality of the kitchen as they cook the duck perfectly with that wonderful crispy exterior while keep it moist throughout. The duck is then showcased in the fluffy steamed pancakes and paired with a rich hoisin sauce. The Wagyu beef tataki is simply as well prepared as any that you would find in any Japanese restaurant and the quality shines through in every perfectly sliced and tender bite. One of the other highlights of the new menu that is a little more light and refreshing while still packing a lot of flavor is the fresh beet salad that has a rich, but easy to eat whipped goat cheese along with marcona almonds.

Charcuterie board

Hearthstone is still home to a wonderfully unique lineup of cocktails such as the Haymaker, which is a combination of Howler Head Whiskey, Organe Giffard Liqueur and lemon as well as classics such as a perfectly composed espresso martini. You are also going to find signature shots including the Spark Plug, which gives you a strong shot combining vodka, Kahlua and espresso and you can’t forget their very strong beer selection. Finally, don’t miss out on a very lengthy wine list that will pair beautifully with their over-the-top charcuterie board.

Flaming strawberry crunch bar baked Alaska

Hearthstone didn’t stop with the regular menu, they introduced some dessert items that are so decadent, that if you just want to come in to satisfy your sweet tooth, no one would blame you. The Hearthstone 12 layer cake can stand tall in comparison with any other chocolate cake. An incredibly moist cookies n’ cream cake that is taken to a whole different level with the butter frosting and chocolate ganache, bring some friends along if you intend to finish this one off. It is hard to top that, but Hearthstone found a way with the flaming strawberry crunch bar baked Alaska. This very fun dessert brings a bit of childhood back to your table as the dessert is a highly elevated version of the strawberry crunch bar that you used to pull out of your freezer and they make this a true experience as the towering dessert is covered in fire to finish things off.

12 Layer Cake

Everything about Hearthstone will make you have a unique and special experience from the surroundings to the staff and especially the food. No matter what the day of the week is or you reason for going, Hearthstone will always leave you with a memorable experience.

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